These three days you can visit an intervention by Yi at their reception. A dusty cabinet and a video work with reflections on cleaning as a practice of care.

Who maintains the museum? The most visible faces in the museum belong to security guards, receptionists and the cleaning team. Although their labor often merges with the background of marbled walls, their gestures involve primary maintanance and care. Yi Zhang proposes to study those gestures attentively while taking on tasks at the side of various workers inside the museum. Yi and Flor have joined the cleaning staff throughout the residence in their tasks.

During this process, we reflected on hierarchy, labor, precarity and systems of categorizations. But most important, we look for ways to acknowledge the different people working in the museale space, to shape care into durable connections. This is one of the movements Yi brought to BARRA and the team of Jubelpark_cinquantenaire 2030

A mailbox for all staff of the museum