Back portrait
Human hair
The hair balls are from the hair I got from Miguel, Oxiea, Caroline, Rafa, Alexis, Shannon, Dieter, Nico, Jeannette, Dazzle,Anna, Myrthe, Aitana, Tim, Paul and Luca.

I put the hair balls at the same height as people so when they come into the room they can compare their heights to find their hair balls.

When I was making these hair balls, I know which friend they came from, it's a very intimate feeling to touch the hair of people I love, and they smell just like the person I got hair from.

Some hairdressers were helping to collect the hair they cut off and I felt uncomfortable working with them and I always wanted to wash my hands when I touched the hair I got from the hairdressers. Maybe it's because the hair is all mixed up and I can't recognize the identity behind them, and I always feel gross picking up hair from the sink after a shower, so I put the hair in the sink.I want to show the two opposite reactions towards hair.

Photography: Aitana Meeus