The Weight of a Stone
At Saint-Cirq-Lapopie,2022

Sisyphus kept pushing a stone up the hill, and the stone rolled down the hill due to its own weight.

The process of chasing the stone down the hill is a gap for Sisyphus to have a break from the process and make decisions again, and Sisyphus chooses to keep pushing the stone each time.

Saint-Cirq-Lapopie is a village built of stone, where the wind and rain put people in the same situation.

The hard work of lifting stones to build a house could easily be destroyed over time, with walls collapsing and stones falling. But the people who lived there still chose to continue each time. The weight of the stones, creates heavy physical labor, and when the limitations reach human capacity, no decision is easy to make. After a million repetitions, the stones left behind are now this village.

I would lift the stones, let them fall, let them crack, and then pick them up again until they were too broken and too small to crack.

Photo by Regan Magee