Question: How can the gesture of violence in the commodification of labour be traced?

Slide down :) What is "The fear of falling" can be? Working at factories as intimidation I have been living within the fear of falling. How is the feeling of working in a factory? falling off hierarchy Displacement of population and resources Fallen leaves return to their roots,fallen leaves can't go back to the branches The situation of female coworkers, stories told by me "move up or fall down" in a hierarchical society hair collector in China the different 'sellings' Hair sold to Europe The impact of hair in the municipal waste stream Narrative dimension of myself What I experience in my daily life in Antwerp Hair farm, French young woman selling hair in the market Historical narrative dimension I enter the factory Narrative dimension of female workers in the factory value of labor 'hair cutting movement' in china between 1903-1927 L-Cysteine hydrolysis from human hair Free hair on city streets is the main reason pigeons lose their toes I sold my hair My coworker hope their children can compete effectively in education lived experience in a hierarchical society translated by a Chinese saying( the social and cultural factors) falling off